Your urban tree root zone mix

Urban Root Zone Soil Mix

Our Urban Root Zone Soil Mix, is an Engineered Soil Mix or Gap Graded Soil. It is more commonly referred to as a Structural Soil. Our Structural Soil is designed for installation under hard-scape such as pavers, asphalt or concrete. Our urban root zone soil mix can meet the engineering standards required by using a structural load bearing rock and can support excellent tree health utilizing sand, silt, clay, amendments and soil tackifiers.

Our Structural Soil is designed to lock into place during compaction, providing load bearing requirements and porosity. After placement of the hard-scape, our Structural Soil provides extreme air exchange and water flow and/or storage. In our Structural Soil tree root systems can develop naturally at the proper depth, filling in the void spaces, allowing a normal healthy life cycle and preventing soil displacement typically caused by the developing root system which can lift or heave the hard-scape.

Quick to install with materials available locally. Our specifications have the quality control measures required for proper installation and contractors are trained on installation practices prior to receiving the material on-site. Let us help fix your urban tree failures of the past so you can live a greener tomorrow.

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Storm Water Capture and Storage

Continued research and development has provided us the information required to use the Structural Soil for water capture and storage. With an over 700 inch per hour percolation rate it can be used to collect and retain storm water for the trees growing through it. The trees can use the captured storm water in lieu of expensive, precious potable water. The collection and storage of storm water run-off helps prevent storm water pollution of our streams and rivers. Let us help with your LID (Low Impact Designs) to capture that storm water run-off.


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